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Front-end Developer (React.js)

zauberware technologies
Pulled by Vision - we shape awesome web- and mobile apps

Job details

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zauberware technologies is a high-end software crafted with a pinch of magic. We specialize in software development with a user-centric approach using the best technology for the job and a no-nonsense process.

We believe we change our clients life.

Based on client projects we could expand and deepen our knowledge and skills within the following fields:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science & Analytics

We are working with global brands, mid-size companies, StartUps and NGOs.

How we work

We are serious about our clients needs, no-nonsense processes, time plans and estimations. Our designers about emotions, frontend engineers about pixel perfection and our developers about testing and writing beautiful & clean code.

Most Important - We get stuff done! delivering production-ready software, on time & in budget with an outstanding quality.

Your tasks:

  • Craft beautiful react.js frontends in client projects and for our own products.
  • Help to grow an outstanding team of developers.
  • If react.js is not on the menu you are also comfortable with other frontend topics.

Main requirements

  • Based in Lisbon
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Mastering HTML and CSS
  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript & jQuery
  • Deep experiences with react.js
  • You have worked with web applications like Rails, Django,...
  • You have fought with different browsers and screen sizes...and you've won (at least twice)
  • CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla or CraftCMS have been on your menu
  • Pixel-perfection is your aim, you are serious about details

Nice to have

  • Can you cook? Seriously, we are looking for people we like.


  • We are a true remote working team.
  • We will rent an (shared) office space for you if needed.

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