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XING provides advice and support to its more than 15 million members during the upheaval processes in the world of work. In an environment marked by a shortage of skilled workers, digitalization, and changes in values, XING helps its members achieve as harmonious a work/life balance as possible: For a better working life.

At XING you will find a technology-driven environment in which your contributions matter and you are enabled to grow professionally. You’ll be part of an organization with almost 300 amazing developers and a healthy culture of learning from each other via pairing, communities of practice, joint hackweek projects etc. While most of our products focus on the German speaking regions, our development teams are collaborating from 6 offices across Europe and our working culture is international.

A challenging task

  • Keep up-to-date with knowledge about new data processing and data mining technology
  • Collaborate with Data Scientists and Analysts to support the (technical) design, implementation and evaluation of new algorithms, machine learning models and other data-driven features and services
  • Implement and design scalable algorithms as part of batch processes or real-time processes that are able to handle large volumes of data (e.g. unstructured tracking data, large full-text data sets, graph data, etc.)
  • Develop tooling for data ingestion, data processing and data analytics
  • Design and implement highly scalable data processing workflows/components and delivery services that make smart use of data to provide data-driven functionality (e.g. search services, recommender services, classification services, etc.)
  • Ability to do data analyses and data mining tasks (e.g. data analyses that support algorithm design, preparing training/test data)
  • Prepare test data sets and use them to test and validate solutions and ensure that solutions scale

Main requirements

  • Strong technical and development experience in order to implement scalable data-driven services, including experience with search technologies (e.g., elasticsearch, Solr, etc.), Big Data technologies (e.g., Spark, Hadoop, etc.), data storages (e.g. relational databases, key-value stores) and related data processing technologies (e.g. Kafka, etc.).
  • In-depth understanding about how the above-mentioned technologies (HDFS, Cassandra, elasticsearch, etc.) work internally is compulsory, e.g. in case you work with Cassandra then knowledge about how data is stored (in memory and on disk), deleted, synchronized across nodes, etc. is crucial.
  • Very good programming skills in the key programming languages that are used in production for data components, i.e. Scala/SQL/CQL (for delivery services and real-time processing), Scala/SQL/Spark (for batch processing components) and good understanding of JVM internals.
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge on data structures and distributed and scalable algorithms.
  • Good understanding of data mining and machine learning in order to support the design of data-driven algorithms, services, etc.
  • You have a good sense of humour, an unpretentiousness and humbleness towards other people and are eager to work in a multicultural environment.
  • You are fluent in English
  • Already living in Portugal or able to speak portuguese

Nice to have

  • Build rock-solid data-driven solutions (i.e. fault-tolerant, highly reliable features, solutions that scale regarding volume of data, robustness regarding changing data characteristics, etc.) that solve the problem that needs to be solved in a way that they can easily be extended or exchanged in the future,
  • Ability to properly structure problems to systematically solve them,
  • Using actual data to decide upon the importance of different tasks (impact) and to select implementation alternatives.


  • The chance to work on a large, highly distributed platform with over 14 million users.
  • Varied tasks, uncomplicated interactions with your colleagues as well as many opportunities to bring in your own ideas await you.
  • Innovation/hack weeks every few months where you can unleash your creativity and ideas.
  • Real training and conferences.
  • 25 days of vacation per year
  • A multicultural environment with employees from all over the world.
  • Free fruit, drinks, snacks and much more.
  • English and German lessons.
  • A mobile device for your private use (iPhone, iPad, Android…).
  • Competitive salary.

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