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Who we are:

We are a group of talented engineers and domain experts working together to build something new for the airline industry. We represent travel industry geeks of every kind: frequent flyers, plane spotters, marketers and suitcase skaters.

We are passionate and want to challenge the state of commercial aviation by looking at the problem from a different perspective. We believe intelligence and automation will yield better returns. We believe in lean thinking and, with continuous improvement, we focus on delivering value.

What we do:

We build commercial software solutions for airlines looking to challenge the status quo of enterprise applications. Using modern approaches to software development, we help airlines maximize their revenues.

* We build REST APIs to enable our web application to capture our users’ workflow
* We integrate and consume data from systems used by airlines
* We use modern languages like Kotlin and Spring Boot to increase our productivity and align with best practices
* We deploy our code multiple times per day using Docker, Terraform and Kubernetes
* We release Virtual Machine Images using Packer

What we’re looking for:

You can turn complex business requirements into working software that our customers love to use.

* You strive for high quality but are also pragmatic

* You know when it’s time to refactor and when it’s time to ship

* You take ownership and will see your projects from inception to production

* You have empathy, patience and an interest in learning

* You have experience running applications in production and take software engineering practices seriously

* You understand the value of testing and automation

What you’ll be working on:

* Exposing functionality as RESTful resources that capture the user’s workflow with Spring Boot and Spring Data REST.
* Optimizing database interactions using caching, materialized views, indexing and aggregation.
* Building integrations using Spring Batch
* Securing our application using modern and powerful technologies like OAuth2 and SAML
* Handling authorization using RBAC/ABAC techniques and ACLs
* Deploying and scaling applications as Docker containers in our Kubernetes cluster
* Creating IFTTT style workflows using serverless functions and message queues

Main requirements

* You can write high quality Kotlin or Java using modern tools and libraries
* You have experience with the Spring Framework and its components
* You are proficient in relational database design and understand the tradeoffs between storage space and performance. You are aware of the limitations and benefits of an ORM.
* You are exposed to various architectural patterns that enable maintainable, scalable, high performance web applications
* You agree that testing is part of the task
* You enjoy working as part of a team, are keen to share knowledge and mentor your peers


  • A great workplace in the heart of booming Lisbon
  • Work on new features and functionality for great brands
  • Work on the quality of the code and a propriety framework
  • Great possibilities to learn and grow
  • Joining and help building our community of code fanatics
  • An excellent salary that matches your skills and experience
  • A really inspiring second home we call office with great colleagues and stuff

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