Senior Data Scientist - Marketing

Web Summit
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Our growth has largely been propelled due to our data science team and the application of network science. We're a technology company, building software that is helping us launch, scale and improve conferences at an ever-increasing pace all over the world. We apply data science to every aspect of our events, from lead generation to recommender systems to seating plans.

We’re aiming to fundamentally progress the nature of large group interactions. Part of this involves finding the right people to expand an event beyond the glancing blows of interaction classically associated with conferences to a deeper, more fulfilling experience. And now we’re building a computational advertising platform to apply these same methods to marketing...

What you’ll achieve at Web Summit:

  • You'll be a key architect in the development of our advertising platform based on a dynamically updated database
  • You'll develop new algorithms allowing granular information from a variety of sources to be harmoniously combined to produce cohesive and responsive advertising campaigns
  • You'll further expand an existing system which has already garnered significant interest in the area of online advertising

Who you are:

  • You are an advertiser who is at home working above the API level
  • OR you’re a data scientist deeply interested in recommender systems and targeted communication.
  • You excel in combining information from a variety of sources and pivoting campaigns about these new insights.
  • You can dynamically adjust the flux of a campaign to permeate a wide audience or focus intensely on the core generators of an industry.
  • You are comfortable taking risks in a company redefining an industry.
  • You have experience in data mining or collection, as well as data analysis and visualisation.
  • You’ve got a deep understanding of social platforms and their users, media and industry trends.
  • You are a self-starter who is both creative and highly analytical.
  • You’re a deft strategic planner and are capable of mapping and executing complex customer journeys.
  • You’re naturally curious and want to experiment with new ideas all the time.

Main requirements

  • Track record of publications in top-tier data mining and machine learning conferences
  • 4+ years working within online advertising
  • An advanced degree within a scientific or mathematical field
  • Experience using Facebook/Twitter advertising platforms at the API level
  • Experience interacting with large data sets

Nice to have

  • R&D experience in at least two of the following: auction theory, ad response prediction, automated pricing, behavioural targeting, user modelling, look-alike modelling, real-time bidding, bid-landscape forecasting, supply-demand forecasting, contextual advertising or advertising metrics and measurement.
  • Familiarity with DSP, SSPs, DMPs.
  • A strong computational background - python fluency preferred.
  • Comfortable with unix based architecture for server use and team integration. Knowledge of java and node.js for API interactions desirable.

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