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Full-stack Software Engineer

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We’re a technology based startup and we depend on our online platform to provide the best possible service to students and landlords. This is where the tech team comes in and why it is core to Uniplaces. 

We expect you enjoy moving up and down the stack, developing new features and making improvements to delight our customers. You are as comfortable using modern Frontend frameworks as you are coding in domain driven backend services. 

You will need to work very tightly with Product and Design. Product roadmap decisions are taken with everyone’s input - whether you’re playing with code, data, scripts or infrastructure you’ll collaborate with the wider team. We code in Ember, React, Golang, Node.js and PHP, which we then deploy using docker containers through a CI/CD pipeline. All our infrastructure is on AWS.

We have two technological guilds, the frontend and backend, where every week all members gather up and decide the future of Uniplaces product regarding technology.

Main requirements

We are looking for a full-stack developer who shares our love for beautiful code. Experience with micro services and mobile web development are also extremely useful for this role. You should enjoy learning new frameworks and tools as we are constantly improving and enhancing our tech stack.

We value how you think and solve problems more than your current specific set of skills. At the core of our selection criteria are devotion and pride in what you do. However, an essential requirement for working in our team is experience of, and an interest in, Agile software development methods

To thrive in our environment, you should be able to work independently and take responsibility for your work. You need to be driven and really enjoy what you do. Finally, you need to be able to work well with others and build good relationships built on mutual trust and openness. This means you also need to speak English

Nice to have

Work experience:
  • Working with cross-functional teams with other Engineers, a Product Manager and a Product Designer;
  • Working in other Product startups.

  • Jira and Confluence;
  • Github;
  • Slack.

Experience with the following technologies:
  • AWS;
  • Github;
  • Golang;
  • Node.js;
  • PHP;
  • React;
  • Ember.js.


  • Flexibility in working from home;
  • Free fruit and drinks;
  • Awesome office in Rossio station;
  • Budget for training and conferences;
  • Macbook pro and headphones;
  • Health insurance;
  • Meal allowance.

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