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Senior Android Developer

Streetbees is an online platform enabling consumer brands to tap into smartphone users

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The simpler our community interface is the more people can join our intelligence revolution.

We build around a deep appreciation of human intelligence and the beauty of simplicity. Any question can be answered if asked to the right person in the right format. Our community is our eyes and ears on the street and we work hard to make it easier and faster for them to share with us what they see and hear around them via the Streetbees app.

Here are some of the problems we’re working on right now:

  • Automating cross currency payments to users “instantly” in 81 countries
  • Background video and photo file transfer at scale
  • Building and storing a database of user-supplied geolocation data pinpointing locations not available on Google maps
  • Using image recognition technology to automate processing of photos from user submissions

As our Senior Android Developer, you'll be working with our designers and the product team to develop new features, find ways to simplify existing interactions and make things as stable and efficient as possible as we rapidly scale our user base.

We're looking for someone who can take ownership of end-to-end feature quality and has shipped at least one excellent mobile app.

Main requirements

  • Desire to bring new technology solutions to the table is essential. We love being the first to try and test the latest frameworks
  • Like working in sprints and enjoy fast development cycles
  • Reliability is key. Thousands of people are making money with our app every day and we don't want to disappoint them
  • Strong culture of developer-led quality assurance meaning writing end-to-end test cases on a weekly release cycle
  • Advanced knowledge of Android API capabilities, framework components and lifecycles, and a good understanding of OOP principles


This is a great opportunity to work closely with a strong product team in a fast pace and high growth business environment. We are a small dedicated team so the right person will have the opportunity to have a significant impact on our growth trajectory as our platform scales.

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