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Lead/Senior DevOps Engineer

Building the first AI that understands code

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source{d} is a company for developers by developers. We firmly believe in always doing what's best for the community, not necessarily companies. "For developers" is the answer to any strategic question or dilemma in the company. Always For Developers.

"By developers" is our identity. Everyone in the company is either a developer or has a developer/engineering mindset. We don't hire anyone who doesn't fit into this culture, it's the only way to make sure everyone understands developers and can always defend their interest.

At the moment, we're 20+ people from 10 different countries working closely together from the office in Madrid. Our engineering team consists of four different teams: Data Retrieval (Go and Scala), Platform (Go and JavaScript), Data Science (C++ and Python) and Infrastructure (Go and Python). We have raised a $6M round last Summer and are rapidly growing our team.

The Infrastructure team focuses on building our computation cluster. This allows us to run large scale computation algorithms and store the required information for those computations. Our infrastructure is built on bare metal servers and stores over +17M git repositories. Our cluster, with close to 2.000 threads, more than 11TB of RAM and 1PB of storage, it has two main goals: on the one hand, it stores all the available public code in a HDFS cluster and on the other hand, it runs intensive computation jobs over the stored data on top of Spark.

As part of our Infrastructure team, you will be responsible to lead and define the systems and deployment environments for the whole platform. Besides what was already mentioned, we are using Docker, Kubernetes and CoreOS. One of the main challenges we are facing at the moment, is migrating our infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform to bare-metal servers.

Main requirements

  • SysAdmin background that has moved to DevOps
  • Excellent coding skills in at least one back-end language, like Go, Ruby, Python etc.
  • Building infrastructure with Kubernetes
  • CoreOS
  • Docker
  • Automation


  • Despite working hard and being very demanding, we believe in continuously giving everyone the chance to learn and develop professionally and in building a cohesive team that welcomes every new person. We have monthly get-togethers, annual hackathon retreats and regularly attend conferences all over Europe (dotGo, FOSDEM, ReactEurope, etc.).
  • Upon joining, you can choose your own hardware
  • We are willing to sponsor your Visa and we used to help our team members relocate to Madrid. We offer support throughout the entire process to you and your family covering your housing during your first week in Madrid, help you find an apartment, get the paperwork ready, etc.
  • At source{d}, we really care about open source, which is why we contribute to projects like Terraform & CoreOS, as well as creating our own projects across different teams
  • And finally... we have ice cream :)

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