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Full-stack Engineer

Skyscanner is the world's travel search site

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Skyscanner is a fast-paced tech company that just happens to be in the travel business. Today we’re the world’s travel search engine. Tomorrow, we’ll be everyone’s personal travel assistant. To get from here to there, we need to constantly and continuously offer our customers the best possible user experience. Which is where you come in!

We’re looking for Full Stack engineers who relish working with the latest front-end technologies including React.

Delivering to millions of users globally means you can expect a real variety of areas to contribute to. Along with modern front end (we’re standardizing around React – come and help us figure it out!), page speed and SEO is important to us - we’re exploring micro-services and micro-sites powered by NodeJS, with isomorphic server-side rendered components.

We’d also love you to be willing to work closer to the server-side as needed: teams may have to tie together Skyscanner APIs, create new ones, and work closer to the backend to achieve great front-end performance. You don’t need to be a backend distributed systems expert though.

We’re building some kickass tooling, with deploy pipelines out of the box to get moving quickly (e.g. 10-minutes to have a ‘hello world’ server running in AWS, powered by our front end styles and component library).

We’re also exploring server-side and hybrid rendering strategies for our iOS & Android apps, as well as looking at React Native within the company.

Main requirements

  • What we like to see

    Professional experience in a consumer-facing web economy business, developing modern web applications at scale.

    A modern engineering skillset and mindset: moving fast with confidence backed up by experimentation and split testing, metrics, automated testing, continuous delivery.

    Front-end Skills:

    Proficiency in modern front-end technologies e.g. ES6, Sass/Less, Webpack, npm. Experience with a modern front-end framework (React, Angular, Vue, Backbone etc). A great understanding of HTML, CSS.

    Appreciation of what makes a great product, UX and design.

    Capable of building a new front-end codebase from scratch – someone with opinions on engineering standards, testing frameworks, builds and module bundling.

    Experience scaling front-end engineering through component driven development – delivering re-usable modules, and performance-tuning tuning web applications.

    Understand the difference and trade-offs between Single Page Apps and Server-Side Rendering.

    Backend Skills:

    We don’t need you to be a backend expert, however, we’d love to see some experience in one or more backend frameworks and languages e.g. JavaScript (NodeJS, Express), Java (Play, Dropwizard), Python (Django, Flask), Ruby (Rails, Sinatra). Other languages and frameworks are fine too.

    A solid understanding of REST principles, and experience (and/or willingness!) writing backend code to change or design APIs. You should be able to talk about what makes a good API.

    Would you be able to stand up a database in your language/framework of choice, and create a Full-stack web application by yourself?


  • We can offer you

    Ownership – the freedom and space to be trusted to do what you do best and to make decisions that matter

    Impact - Huge potential to make a positive contribution to our business, people, partners and millions of users

    Our Tech Stack - A chance to work with a wide range of modern technologies, and evolve our use of them.

    Open Source - An opportunity to open source the great tools you’ll build.

    Master, Teach, Learn - The opportunity to work with, learn from and share knowledge with ultra-smart colleagues in a culture of collaboration and technical excellence

    Work – Life Balance – Flexible Working (including Home Country Working), no clocking in

    An Excellent Career move – complexity, challenge and real opportunity for personal growth

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