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Android/iOS Developer

Digital Identity on Demand

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You will be a part of a small and talented development team where you will build native apps for Android and iOS which use features, services and products that run on the Signicat e-identity and digital signature platform.

You will be building apps from start to finish on both platforms. You are well aware of the strengths and limitations of native apps, and you will use third-party SDKs and back-end services along with your own skills and contributions in order to build apps that demonstrate a range of identity and signature related features specifically for the mobile platforms.

You're a programmer with diverse experience, which is why you easily develop for both Android and iOS since both platforms interest you, and you wouldn't constrain yourself to only being familiar with a single programming language. You probably feel comfortable writing server-side Java code as well, but working with user-facing apps is something that you appreciate doing.

Maybe you don't consider yourself a designer, but you probably have some sense of making things look not terrible yourself, and looking great when working with a designer.

Additionally, you are familiar with publishing to Google Play and App Store, and you know your way around the interfaces provided by Google and Apple in order to roll out apps all the way to production.

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Main requirements

  • 2+ years of experience w/ Android and iOS.
  • You have an understanding for web development and it wouldn't be a problem for you to build a server-side web application either.
  • You're security aware.
  • You stay updated on both platforms, you know what's coming next and you like to install pre-release versions of the operating systems to verify that your previous work still applies.
  • You've published apps to Google Play and App Store.
  • You write clean code and you know how to make your apps testable and tested.
  • You think coding is fun, you like helping people out and you ask for help yourself when you need it.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge or awareness of authentication and authorization protocols.
  • The ability to write proper technical documentation.
  • Familiarity with cross platform frameworks such as Xamarin and React Native.


  • Awesome office location a few minutes from the beach in São Pedro do Estoril. We've got a very relaxed working environment. No dress code, no business cards. We like to go for a beach break or a walk every now and then, we think it enables us to work better.
  • This is an opportunity to acquire a central role in a co-located pure development team within an international company which is growing fast across Europe. The organization is flat and informal, and the job comes with lots of freedom and an equal amount of responsibility and accountability. There will be travel and other international opportunities for the right person.
  • You may choose your equipment freely, you'll have the opportunity to affect your own office environment, and you'll be working with other nice and talented people in order to build great stuff to power the international expansion of Signicat.
  • Kid-, mom- and dad-friendly.

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