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The right to privacy is a fundamental human right which has increasingly become an illusion in the Digital Age. Privus was established to champion this right for every law-abiding citizen. Fully independent from any public or private sector entity, or other commercial interests, means our only objective is to guarantee the verifiable, bulletproof privacy and security of your communications. Headquartered in the privacy friendly jurisdiction of Switzerland reinforces our commitment to ensure our clients’ absolute privacy - even from us. Catering solely to businesses, government entities and high-net worth individuals allows us to focus exclusively on a discerning market with unique privacy needs.

We are looking for a candidate who will focus on information security and privacy, with the capacity and willingness to learn new technologies.

This is an exciting opportunity for a disciplined and highly motivated candidate to be a part of a small team of developers and information security experts.

As well as skills in iOS Objective-C development and a passion for software engineering, the ideal candidate will be comfortable learning new technologies, tools and platforms and will have some knowledge of information security, particularly mobile security.

We will be looking for concrete and independent development experience, and published applications on App Store, and active GitHub or similar projects will be a plus.

We will be creating a new Swift based application so a key initial challenge for the candidate will be to port our existing code into the new Swift code base, in addition to interacting with our C libraries.

Main requirements

  • Skills in iOS Objective-C development

  • Passion in Software Engineering

  • Integration of low level libraries and knowledge of C language (Mandatory)

Nice to have

  • Very comfortable in learning new technologies, tools and platforms

  • Experience in Kotlin development

  • Published applications on AppStore

  • Active GitHub or other personal projects

  • Passion about Information Security

  • Knowledge of encryption mechanisms and their weaknesses

  • Knowledge of the OWASP Mobile Security Project

  • Experience in static/dynamic code analysis and/or mobile security


  • Good and relaxed office environment
  • Airsoft guns for killing it softly and target practice :D
  • Access to many secure and interception devices
  • Security oriented culture
  • Highly skilled tech team
  • Cryptocurrency friendly environment

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