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The Challenge

Prezi is looking for a Product Owner (PO) to work together with Product Managers (PM), Engineers, UX, Design and Data teams to help build the product right. The PO, along with cross-functional team(s) will focus on how to solve the problem iteratively and at high quality.

The role of a product owner within Prezi has three main areas, 1) build the product right, 2) visibility of delivery, and 3) facilitate the rituals of the team.

To “build the thing right” the PO must clearly understand “what” problems our users are facing and “why” by working closely with PMs. The PO is primarily responsible for providing visibility to others during sprints and cycles. The PO also supports PMs to provide Product level visibility. The PO must help to facilitate the team’s rituals to ensure a rhythmic pattern for feedback loops.

Prezi Product Owner Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for documenting the “why” and “what” (defined by PM).
  • Acts as the main POC for the cross-functional team to support PMs in Opportunity Assessments.
  • Collaborates with PM to prioritize opportunity backlogs.
  • Responsible for defining and prioritizing Epics, User Stories, and Acceptance Criteria.
  • Responsible for obtaining estimations on requirements.
  • Provides requirements on Data and Instrumentation.
  • Responsible for tracking and providing visibility to stakeholders into team’s progress and impact on timeline of delivery during sprints and cycles.
  • Ensures internal readiness for new initiative/product roll-out.
  • Supports PMs in providing Product level visibility.
  • Provides visibility into risks and works with stakeholders to resolve them.
  • Facilitates daily standups, sprint planning and sprint review meetings.
  • Facilitates team retrospectives and participates in organization level retrospectives.

Main requirements

  • What we expect from you:

    • Customer mindset approach: The first three items on your priorities list is customers, customers and customers. It's crucial to be able to inspire engineers to think about customers, and refocus product discussions back towards customers.
    • Understands the principles of Product Development.
    • Ability to display rational vs. emotional thinking on how to collect, organize and analyze information.
    • Skilled communicator: can distill complex ideas to make them universally understandable, attention to detail and be willing to explain to others.
    • Experience in working in an environment that a fosters “learning through delivery” behavior in a SaaS company is a strong plus.
    • Ability to identify risks and make them quickly visible to support a transparent and highly collaborative environment.


  • Work in our San Francisco office for periods of time
  • Relocation package and visa support
  • Use our extended global professional network to exchange ideas and visit professional conferences all around the world
  • Work in a really cool office environment (or occasionally from home if you feel like it)
  • Enjoy free quality food and drinks in a nice atmosphere all day long in the Prezi Bistro
  • Enjoy free breakfast and lunch every day at the restaurant downstairs (Apacuka)
  • Work out by using our free gym cards
  • Keep your bikes in shape, too, with our free bike repair service
  • Order books on the company's account and feel free to use the Prezi library
  • Get discount at Apacuka restaurant in the evenings
  • Explore the area and get to know your Prezi colleagues during one of our Prezi evening or weekend trips
  • Be yourself—we’re proud to be colorful!
  • Receive stock options to share in the future value we are building
  • Stay healthy with full healthcare coverage

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