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Automation Engineer

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The people at Pipedrive are all about building the greatest sales software ever. Foundation for that is a good quality function that enables a Continuous Deployment but not on expense of thorough testing. The quality model of Pipedrive is built on top of frequent, atomic and isolated deployments that enables quick reaction and laser focus solving any problems that might occur. In order for deploy often, in small chunks and in true devops mode we need infrastructure that is automated, easy to use while still running all the tests and enabling quick deployment. We need:

Build and Deployment Automation Engineer

In this role you join Quality Engineering team and land in Build and Deployment automation sub-team (BD) that works across whole Pipedrive engineering division. You will work with local Lisbon based development team and in addition to supporting development team in build and deployment related questions, you will develop new frameworks and tooling related to BD. Some of your tasks will be across Pipedrive engineering.

Main requirements

  • You are our ideal candidate if you have worked on build and deployment tooling and infrastructure before and understand the various levels of virtualisation and continuous deployment related tools and frameworks. You have developer profile but you prefer to work closer to infrastructure deploying code and troubleshooting issues.

    You also meet most (if not all) of the following requirements:

    • A passion for continuous integration and deployment
    • Experience in infrastructure automation with chef, ansible of similar
    • Strong belief that automatiomation done right solves most of the problems in software development processes
    • Experience using build and deployment related toolset (Jenkins, Docker etc...) incl automation
    • Basic knowledge of test automation and experience in building automation testsuites
    • Experience in creating visibility in area of CD/CI
    • Good understanding of shell(bash), Ruby, Python, JavaScript
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills in international setting
    • Excitement and passion for start-ups. We’re cool; we hope you are too.


  • Competitive base pay
  • International team with offices in Lisbon, London, New York and Tallinn, Estonia
  • Flexible work style and time
  • One of the coolest and "hottest" offices in Lisbon

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