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About Octer

Octer is one of the hottest start-ups in the mobile technology space. We have one ambition:

To make online shopping simple.

In March 2014 investors backed this vision to the tune of $1m in 24hrs on the crowdfunding site, Seedrs. We followed up with a similar round in autumn 2015.

With this backing and our drive and determination we are making it simpler for consumers to get what they want, and simpler for big retailers to find their new customers. We have an awesome team, work in a fun environment and are tackling the biggest issues in shopping which affect hundreds of millions of consumers.

How we are solving this problem.

We’re building technology that enables the big stores to operate as a single digital marketplace, with all of the advantages of a marketplace for smaller retailers (think Amazon and Etsy); 1 stop shop, easy comparison, single checkout.

To do this we need to first amalgamate 3 million products from the top 200 retailers and make sense of them. We need to understand what a product is, it’s true availability (sizes, in stock), how it relates to other products (for comparison) and who to show it to (relevance). Then we need to make those products simple to buy, from multiple retailers, with one click.

The Tech

We achieve this using various search, image recognition, macro, AI and API technologies. Over the past six months we have built a robust, horizontally-scalable and performant back-end infrastructure that processes over 3 million items per day.

Octer's tech stack is run on a LAMP architecture with performance and security improvements earned by integrating LXC virtual containers, job publish/consume processing and search indexing. All our code is integrated using a continuous integration pipeline initialised by hooks from Bitbucket into our Jenkins CI server.

We operate on an Agile software development practice around GIT and JIRA, and implement a custom take on Git Flow branch management. All our code is tested, integrated and seamlessly deployed to our network of virtual servers in the cloud, real time.

Main requirements

  • OO-PHP / PHP 5.3+
  • Relation databases and querying
  • Version control (GIT/Subversion)

Nice to have

  • MySQL / Postgres
  • Symfony2 / Symfony3
  • RabbitMq
  • ElasticSearch / Lucene
  • LXC / Docker / Vagrant
  • AWS / DigitalOcean / Linode

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