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  • Full-time
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  • map markerLisbon, PT
  • cardRequires Work Permit
    Requires that you're a citizen or have a valid work permit / visa sponsorship to work in the country in which this position is based.
  • routeIntermediate
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Nuxeo team can currently count on several developers with a mixed Java/Python profile, but we believe that the Nuxeo Drive project has now reached a new stage where it would make sense to have an experienced python developer taking the lead, while being dedicated to design and achieve the numerous evolutions we plan on Nuxeo Drive.

You will be part of the Nuxeo development team and will share the same organization (Scrum) and tools (Jira, GitHub, etc.) . You will be integrated in a small agile team with people handling the server side part of Nuxeo Drive.

The technical environment includes :

  • Java/OSGi, JavaScript, Python, Go
  • AngularJS, Polymer, Freemarker
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Git, Jenkins, WebDriver
  • Docker, Rancher, AWS

About Nuxeo Drive

Nuxeo Drive is an open source synchronization client that allows managing offline access and in-place editing of content stored on a Nuxeo Server. In a sense, Nuxeo Drive is like a DropBox client for Nuxeo, but with much more extensibility.

Nuxeo Drive is multi-platform (MS Windows, MacOS, Linux) and is based on :

  • Python 2.7
  • PyQT for the small native UI & the threads management
  • WebKit for more complex UI (HTML/JavaScript)

Nuxeo developers are expected to be able to work with minimal supervision: you are responsible for elaborating the technical solutions for the challenges you face. Of course, the rest of the Nuxeo team will be there to assist you and guide you as needed, but as a developer you are not a simple executor: you have to be able to make your own decisions, explain them and raise issues as needed.

Main requirements

  • Passion for coding and building software
  • 3+ years experience in python development
  • Critical attention to tests and the QA process
  • Be used to work with Git & Continuous Integration
  • Knowledge in MS Windows File System events system
  • Experienced in the MacOS Finder and MS Explorer "extensibility API"
  • After Python, Java is your second natural language
  • Jenkins is a friend of yours
  • You are experienced in multi-platform functional testing

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