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Core to our culture is bravery, honesty and openness, as is our belief in smart people thinking for themselves, understanding the problem and finding the right solution. We work in non-hierarchical, agile cross-functional product teams working as one to solve the problem at hand. We love what we do! Learning should be the core to your daily activities and if is to innovate and move forward, we need to ensure you have the skills to do just that.


We are building end to end solutions for our Partners to manage their day to day businesses. Our tools help simplify complex calculation for delivery of products to our customers. We are also responsible for replacing legacy systems with best of breed software solutions. You’ll work closely with UX teams to ensure strong usability for Partners who maintain their products through our management tools. We ensure our data input and output has value to our Partners and allow them to adapt the way they operate their business.


Over the next year we will be investing heavily in our tech platform and building out new components to help with our ambitious expansion plans. One key focus will be implementing a new product model and a system to help our 5,000 Partners across the country manage their inventory better, whilst also providing our team more capabilities in terms of building better algorithms from the core product model.

Main requirements


    Our current tech stack includes: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Java, Go and AWS. If you’ve got experience in some/most of these techs’n’tools then we definitely want to speak to you! We have self-organised product teams who implement a mix of SCRUM, Kanban and Extreme Programming.

    We’d be really interested if you have worked within an eCommerce or retail business and have experience implementing a microservices architecture. We deploy code as often as every hour and are committed to continually learning and innovating to ensure our platform is the absolute best it can be.

    Check out our Open Source contributions on our GitHub @



    We’ll ensure that you keep moving forward by organising regular learning lunches, hackathons, technical book clubs and regular guild meetings. Attendance of conferences, meetups, are also actively encouraged as is sharing your knowledge outside of the company by speaking at these events. We genuinely care about your personal and technical development; as an engineer you want to progress in your career and we provide the framework to make sure you do.


    Our People are as unique as our products! At NOTHS House change is championed, opportunities are sought and solutions are realised. Our true creative instinct, having fun with what we do and always staying true to the brand is what helps drive us. Together Team NOTHS collaborate and look out for each other.

    We also provide all the fresh fruit you can eat as long as you like pears and apples, we always run out of bananas!!

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