Software Engineer - Machine Learning
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Intro is building software that allows us to search video like our memory -- instantly recalling moments in video across speech, sound, people, objects, actions and locations. Also we are making this feel natural and intuitive across interfaces for web, mobile, voice, and eventually AR and neural implants.

We are backed by Horizons Ventures -- the original investors behind DeepMind, and Siri so are serious about building a world-class engineering culture for applied AI and Search.

To acclerate product development we are looking for polymathic software engineers who can not only figure out what approach to take but also implement machine learning algorithms into production directly. This keeps the product iteration cycle fast and collaboration high.

Our product experience requires many of these algorithms across speech, sound, vision and motion so we are looking for software engineers who have great quantitative intuition, production software experience and the fluency to ship.

You should also be fun to collaborate with - meaning you also have the ability to teach as well as build up on the ideas of others.

We expect to test candidates on each of the points below.

Main requirements

  • Minimum qualifications:

    • BSc/BEng degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, machine learning or equivalent (MSc/MEng preferable)
    • Strong knowledge and experience of Python
    • Knowledge of machine learning and/or statistics
    • Strong knowledge of algorithm design

Nice to have

  • Working knowledge of C/C++
  • Working knowledge of Tensorflow or similar frameworks
  • Experience with multi-threaded design and parallel/distributed computing
  • Experience with implementing numerical methods and data visualisation
  • Interest in neuroscience/cognition
  • A passion for AI
  • Contributions to open source projects


  • Health Benefits
  • Killer Office
  • Audacious Problem
  • Intense co-workers
  • Team Experience Program -- experience the high life of working in lisbon from surf trips, and hikes to boat parties, via a customized team event schedule.

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