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Muse is creating an advanced AI to search the world's video. We are looking for software engineers with the right mathematical and statistical background who want to convert from software engineering to implementing Artificial Intelligence algorithms in production.

We are looking for

  • Proven skills in software engineering in production - Python and C++
  • Strong foundations in probability, linear algebra, and optimization.
  • Quantitative Background in statistical modeling and inference.
  • High IQ and aptitude towards solving data science problems in implementing algorithms to understand video across speech, vision, and motion analysis.

Our ideal candidates have a computer science background, and have some grounding in analytical methods (perhaps you studied neural networks in college), went on to do production software engineering elsewhere, and now want to return to their area of passion. If you have the background to read the latest AI research, interpret it and then implement a solution in production you are who we want to talk to. The key is the right fundamentals and attitude.

Physics, EE, or other quantitative backgrounds prior to software engineering highly welcome.

Main requirements

  • Fluency in Python and C/C++
  • Familiarity with linux
  • Evidence of getting things done
  • Personal Side projects/examples of software created
  • Demonstrated experience of setting deadlines and shipping/making tradeoffs
  • Superb communication and process management skills for software delivery
  • Passionately loves technology

Nice to have

  • Machine learning experience/background
  • Youve worked with video before and have a passion for it


  • Great salary (depending on experience)
  • Food allowances
  • Work on something audacious
  • Work on AI algorithms in production -- high learning opportunity and very fulfilling for the right candidates.

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