Senior Python Software Engineer
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Intro is creating an advanced AI to search the world's video, and we are looking for scientists and engineers who want to be at the forefront of video search and discovery.

We are backed by Horizons Ventures -- the original investors behind DeepMind, and Siri are serious about building a world-class engineering culture for applied AI in Search.

You will be working on the following challenges:

  • Scalable and reliable Petabyte scale storage systems for video - supporting the main product and machine learning/data infrastructure
  • Reliable Machine learning and web services infrastructure - productionizing algorithms from research grade to production grade exposed as microservices
  • Faster Video ingestion and distributed processing infrastructure
  • Intuitive User facing components - integrating front end, machine learning algorithms and backend APIs
  • Low latency search and fast video playback infra

You should the ability to deliver innovative and fast solutions, with an astute intuition for the right trade-offs between memory, computation, and complexity.

Main requirements

  • Fluency in Python and C/C++
  • Intimate familiarity with Linux
  • Strong interest in Distributed Systems

  • Able to create intuitive Web Interfaces (HTML/CSS/JS)

  • Demonstrated experience of delivering production ready systems

  • Passion and love for technology and desire to advance Artificial Intelligence

Nice to have

  • Machine learning experience/background
  • You’ve worked with video before and have a passion for it


  • Team Experience Program
  • A great office with a view, in the Chiado area

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