Software Engineer (PHP - Mid-Level)

Convenient, safe and world-wide payment solutions.

Job details

  • Full-time
  • map markerAmsterdam, NL
  • cardRequires Work Permit
    Requires that you're a citizen or have a valid work permit / visa sponsorship to work in the country in which this position is based.
  • routeIntermediate
  • routeRequired language: English
  • Back-end Developer
  • tagMust Have: MySQL, PHPOther Required: Redis

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Hi, we are Mollie! 👋🏼

Our mission is creating a greater playing field for everyone. By offering convenient, safe and worldwide payment solutions we remove barriers for companies of all sizes to compete on equal terms.

Engineering is our baseline

Mollie is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies. We provide a simple and clear payment API, which enables webshop and app builders to implement more than ten different payment methods in one go.

In the first few years of existence, Mollie was a developer-only adventure, and about 15 years later devs and techs still comprise roughly 45% of all staff. As a natural consequence, Mollie still is—and aims to be—highly tech-minded.

This focus on the technical side can be found in various things. Like, you pick whatever tools you want to use to get the job done. MacBooks, absurdly large or many screens, top-notch noise-cancelling headphones and whatever other equipment makes your nerd-boat float. We go to great lengths to create a space that allows you to focus on the things that will make you happy: shipping great features you helped dream up and build.

We don’t have code monkeys, but we do give you a problem and trust that you will create an outstanding solution. We believe in sane working hours and long-term solutions, instead of 70-hour work weeks with temporary workarounds.

What will you be doing

You will be working with us on creating cutting-edge, user-friendly financial products and APIs which are used by tens of thousands of merchants on a daily basis.

We care for quality and well-designed user experiences—for engineers and non-engineers alike. This translates to clean, well-documented REST APIs and equally smooth dashboard interfaces for our merchants.

With multiple payments per second at any point of the day, code quality and system scalability are becoming increasingly important. Helping us build scalable systems by thinking ahead will be an important part of your work.

Next to our APIs, we are working on innovative financial solutions for our merchants. We are happy to share the details over a coffee, but it's safe to say we will put your skills to the test, allowing you to grow and learn rapidly.

Our engineering workflow

'Ship early, ship often' is our philosophy. We like to break up big challenges into smaller ones, deploying gradual product iterations and improvements numerous times every day.

We uphold code quality through thorough and cooperative peer reviews, CI/CD build pipelines, and gradual feature roll-outs. In other words, we do everything to make sure you feel comfortable pushing your changes to production on a daily basis.


Our architecture 

We come from a monolithic background, with our core systems being written mostly in PHP. As our company started to scale up rapidly, we have scaled our infrastructure along with it by employing microservices, serverless architecture, and queueing systems. For current and future microservices, we use languages like Python and Go as well. 

Main requirements

What you have

  • Minimum of 3 years experience with developing web applications, preferably using PHP / MySQL stacks
  • Experience with continuous deployment or continuous integration
  • Knowledge of modern queueing and caching systems like RabbitMQ, Redis, or Kafka
  • A knack for reducing system complexity, solving cross-team problems, and for striking the right balance between quality and moving fast

Benefits & Perks

  • Excellent employment terms, including a competitive salary
  • 25 days of annual leave
  • Free lunch
  • Pension
  • Top-notch Apple gear and noise-cancelling headphones
  • Career development framework for our engineers
  • Reimbursed costs of your internet connection at home
  • Reimbursed travel costs
  • Relocation support for highly skilled migrants
  • A position in a unique, young and fast growing fin-tech company
  • Autonomy to develop solutions and implement them
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • A stimulating and inspiring environment

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