Software Engineer: Microservices

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The Team

The mission of the Engineering Agility team in FAST - MDCN is to increase developer productivity and engineering efficiency while enabling agile development and the ability to innovate rapidly, deliver continuously and iterate fast based on customer driven insights.

We are doing this in close collaboration with Microsoft's initiative on One Engineering System (1ES), the Visual Studio and the Azure groups. This team is creating solutions to help developer teams move their code base to Git and break monoliths into microservices and components. At the same time, we are developing the infrastructure and setting best practices for continuous delivery to the Cloud, getting necessary telemetry about usage, performance and reliability in order to iterate rapidly. We enable the engineers to do feature toggle and experimentation, A/B testing etc. We are building a robust data pipeline to support deep analysis of the engineering metadata, insights and visualization of engineering data, to deliver a competitive modern engineering system and best practices around it.

Main requirements

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience

  • Experience in one or more of these areas is desired, but not essential:

  • C# or other OOP languages

  • Git

  • Microservices and containers

  • Azure / AWS

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Map-reduce over big data

  • Agile practices

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