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We are seeking an experienced AI programmer who can combine that flexibility with the ability to lay the foundations for some highly exciting new features.

The opportunities for influence in this role are considerable. We’re excited about exploring the potential of how AI systems can impact and create new unique experiences for players. As a studio, we think it’s important for us to think about the future potential of where gaming is going and we embrace doing things differently. Former stock approaches must give way to innovative solutions. It’s a hugely exciting time to be an AI programmer, especially so at Rare, where early technical decisions stand to have huge impact on product design and development.

It's just as well, then, that engineers at Rare have a lot of freedom to research and develop novel solutions to the problems they encounter. We're also big believers in high quality engineering and, since we're developing our products as services, we aim for fast iteration yet with robust methods. This means that we embrace modern development practices such as Continuous Delivery, automated testing, code reviews, pair programming and agile methods.

Main requirements

  • An academic and/or deep practical background in the AI domain

  • Current experience, and a desire to retain that, with hands on creation of AI systems and character-driven gameplay

  • Highly capable when solving novel problems and comfortable taking a mathematical approach when necessary

  • Strong software architecture skills with a proven ability to apply these to the AI domain

  • Demonstrably in touch with the state of the art within games AI, with the potential to add to this

Nice to have

  • Architecting planning and decision making systems for agents

  • Experience of authoring AI in multiplayer games

  • Experience working on products where AI behaviour drives emergent gameplay

  • AI story generation, game director and narrative techniques skills

  • Experience in writing efficient systems for high agent count, writing AI behaviours which must cope with rich and dynamic environments, writing non-combat orientated agents

  • Procedural environments are also of interest


  • beautiful location
  • state-of-the-art facilities
  • strong focus on work/life balance

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