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Java Full-stack Developer

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We are seeking a full-stack developer with a proven experience implementing systems with a high level of interfacing with third party systems. The platform we are currently developing retrieves tons of data from different systems and get it all together in just one single access point for our users.

Topics include:

  • Web development
  • System integration
  • Software architecture
  • Data storage
  • Multi-device
  • Data security
  • Machine learning
  • E-health

Our/your technology stack:

Java, Spring, Angular.js, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS, Mirthconnect, Maven, Graddle, Jenkins, TDD, SCRUM, Eclipse

Main requirements

  • Good knowledge of the state of the art in web application development
  • A passion for clean code, software patterns, data structures, and performance optimization
  • Curiosity that lets you get into new developments or technologies but with common sense required not to fall for the latest fan
  • At least 3 years of experience in Java, Spring, Eclipse, MySQL, HTML
  • Passion and experience in mentoring younger and more inexperienced developers
  • Using Scrum Methodologies experience

Your skills (aptitude) will be important, but what we value the most is your attitude. If you are the right person:

  • You focus on building software that matters to your users, and you truly believe that's the way to make your company successful
  • You take on a new task, you get it done no matter how challenging, boring, tiny or huge it is, everyone within the dev team can count on you
  • You are ready to teach your teammates but also willing to learn from them
  • You care about the people you work with. Nothing great can be achieved working alone
  • It's obvious to everyone around you that you really enjoy your work
  • You are humble enough to understand that 'the best solution' is something subjective. You don't build science projects because you are smart enough to make it
  • You are confident enough that you don't have to prove to anyone how good developer you are
  • You have experimented with and survived the different type of frameworks and you don't stop looking for new ways of mastering your craft

You need to be living in Portugal


  • Complete compensation package including a stock options plan
  • Attractive career opportunities as we are a fast growing company

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