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Full-stack Engineer

Lifebit is building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform.

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Lifebit is building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform that understands DNA data and generates meaningful insights.

We just closed an over $3M funding round from two major London funds after graduating from Techstars London 2017's cohort.

We are building a cloud-based cognitive system that can reason about DNA data like humans do. This offers researchers/R&D professionals, and their corresponding organisations (ie. pharmas), a highly scalable, modular and reproducible system that automates the analysis processes, learns from the data and provides actionable insights.

Our tech team is split into:

  • Engineering and Machine Learning:

    Stack: Node JS, React, MongoDB

    Building Lifebit’s platform.

  • Bioinformatics and Genomics:

    Building Lifebit’s genomics modules: end-to-end solutions for specific operations and analysis.

We are hiring an experienced Full-stack Engineer with at least 3 years of experience in the role, to help us grow the team in a scalable and sustainable way.

Main requirements

  • Quality process and automation.

  • Scalable and optimisation of backends.

  • Server availability, security, backups.

  • Scalability in architectures and databases.

  • Big data technologies and platforms.

  • Leverage of open source solutions.

  • Designing and delivery of large scale applications.

  • High availability architectures, load balancing, fault-tolerance, virtualisation and cloud computing.

  • NoSQL databases, especially MongoDB.

  • REST APIs and web services.

  • Advanced JS.

  • Experience with React, Redux, D3, and latest JS visualisation frameworks.

  • Experience with cloud platform (AWS, Azure,...).

  • Having worked in startups, especially valuable if these scaled significantly.

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