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Senior Back-end Developer & Chapter Lead

LeasePlan Digital
LeasePlan is one of the world's leading leasing companies active in more than 30 countries

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At LeasePlan, we’re working to deliver what’s next in mobility.  To help us get there, we’re looking for a Backend Developer to join the LeasePlan Digital team in Amsterdam.

Your role

As a Backend Developer, you’re the glue that holds all of our digital parts together. You can effortlessly integrate existing and third-party systems and manage complex dependencies. You think of code as a craft, and can come up with clean, elegant lines that will impress your peers. While you’re great at working independently, you also know when it’s time to collaborate and share your out-of-the-box ideas with other teams. And even if you’re serious about doing a great job, you also take time to have a laugh with your colleagues – because that’s often when inspiration strikes.

What’s your definition of a great day on the job? Pulling all dependencies together and delivering within the sprint. And then even having time to participate in a guild meeting.

Your responsibilities

As a Backend Developer and chapter lead, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Integrating with existing, third-party, legacy and new backend systems
  • Managing complex dependencies
  • Ad hoc development, as well as reviewing/improving code with colleagues
  • Identifying issues and taking initiative to suggest solutions
  • Delivering solutions under tight deadlines (sprints)
  • Advocating for back-end development best practices;
  • Developing people through coaching, mentoring, and management support;
  • Assisting our recruitment teams in finding the right people, and
  • Doing whatever it takes to help LeasePlan Digital get the right solutions implemented to deliver value to customers around the globe.

Main requirements

  • Minimal 4 years experience in ASP .NET web/API development (preferably .NET core)
  • Minimal 3 years experience in cross-functional scrum teams
  • Experience with REST API's
  • Experience in making scalable API layer in e-commerce platforms (security, monitoring, transformation, BPM, etc

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