Senior Back-end Engineer

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Metasearchengine and price comparison for fashion

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Disclaimer: All relevant details regarding the company and the specifics of the hiring process will be shared with you during our first screening session.

What we do:

We are the leading online metasearch- and price-comparison engine in europe, currently successfully operating in six markets - more to come. Our algorithms sort, match and compare millions of products from more than 500 retail shops.

You will be joining 40+ enthusiastic people, hailing from 12 nations (and counting) in our lovely Hamburg office.

What you will do:

You will be working on and contributing new microservices to a architecture that is

  • reactive

    responsive, resilient, elastic, scalable by design. Communication happens asynchronous, no HTTP between services. Check!

  • message-driven

    event-carried state transfer & some event-sourcing

  • fully decoupled

    We truly believe in doing things distributed. Microservices share no databases and survive each other’s failure

  • microservice

    All services have a well-defined purpose derived from our business requirements

  • architecture

    we live polyglott persistence and heavily invest into researching and developing patterns and best practices

  • running on node.js

    we are rapidly moving from OOP to FRP (functional reactive programming). JavaScript allows us to do that

  • written in TypeScript

    having static typing greatly increases development speed and fun. We don’t use TypeScript to create a JS-OOP zombie but to make development more fun and patterns easier to use

  • properly tested

    We strongly believe in writing tests. Most (and all new) components have a coverage from 60%-90%

  • continuously monitored

    We use Prometheus and Grafana to keep track of what our services do. We also use Grafana for company KPIs, BI and marketing metrics

  • and continuously deployed

    We use containers to develop locally using the same images that run on production. We deploy with Wercker and do so about 7 times per day

  • into a kubernetes cluster

    DNS, load balancing and redundancy are automatically done by our deployment system. We happily run many hundreds of kubernetes pods.

Main requirements

  • You have at least 5 years experience working with Node.js
  • You have at least 3 years experience working on Microservice architectures
  • You have at least 3 years experience working on large-scale software projects, ideally in the e-commerce field
  • You've contributed code to clean backend architectures
  • You know and use design patterns and best practice
  • You studied computer science, a comparable field or are a strong self-learner on the concepts of software engineering

Nice to have

  • You can teach us some new tabletennis moves


  • We plan together and discuss alternative approaches
  • Home office is okay if you make sure your team knows what's up
  • We strongly believe in retrospectives and improving workflows every sprint
  • Food, beverages, office dog and all the other necessities ;-)

Wondering about how is it to work in Germany? Check out this document (link) to learn more about it!

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