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Our own team is describing you as marketing unicorn.

Alright, I’ll give in to them a bit, you do sound like a unicorn. Keep reading.

You're not just someone that leads our marketing team. You understand people and can make them grow. You listen to customers, both candidates and employers, big and small, and truly help them thrive. You communicate our brand to all the stakeholders: customers, partners, employees and investors. You understand marketing across all its functions. One day you’re helping to create lead generation intelligent drip campaigns, the other you're strolling through the street with the team gathering ideas for your next hit hero (like Festival). Did the previous sentence confuse you? Stop reading.

We know you are capable of planning and (in a pinch!) executing our marketing efforts around the marketplace. You are the owner of our growth metrics and you are fast at testing channels to decide what's worth investing. Yes, because marketing does not spend, marketing invests because you ALWAYS measure and analyse everything you do. You iterate, and iterate, and you love it, and you make everyone iterate with you. And that’s not all! We're a marketplace so this also involves steering both funnels: candidates and companies, from acquisition to retention, across several markets, all in sync with our Product team. Whew! Did this sound sexy? Keep reading.

No, you don’t have to be a seasoned marketer – we want someone who’s been around for a bit to learn enough #Marketing but who’s most importantly full of potential. Still, you must be capable of leading and trusting your own team, and someone who is more than willing about joining a crazy people startup with crazy ideas.

You and everyone in the team have a startup mentality because we aim for a sweet spot in the European tech recruitment market race. By our side you’ll find a team with design, content, performance and analytical skills that will help you help succeed.

We are, we love our brand and values, we strive to grow our community and like to create powerful content to help them steer their tech careers and find their next perfect job!

Main requirements

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Decide fast and don’t be afraid to fail and recognize your mistakes.
  • Tell the story, both through the eyes of the team and even more importantly, our customers. Represent and our product vision internally and externally, as needed.
  • Develop the product marketing strategy and establish clear priorities about tactics used to accelerate adoption and satisfaction among our target audiences: companies and candidates.
  • Establish consistency and rigor in go-to-market planning to ensure that every new feature we introduce is well understood by the world, and its business impact is thereby maximized.
  • Drive spirited campaigns including sales enablement, customer references, direct customer product education, and email marketing.
  • Listen to and understand our customer’s adoption pain points and help build out a suite of onboarding materials that can be delivered via a lifecycle nurturing program across multiple channels.
  • Develop longer-ranging themes and our storyline about our product, the user problems we’re seeking to solve, and the industry and technology trends that we’re building upon. This messaging foundation will serve as input to our PR, public speaking, editorial, sales training, and advertising strategies.
  • Work closely with our Product, Operations and Sales teams to ensure that cross-functional coordination is seamless. Be the glue between Product and many of our customer-facing teams, and ultimately our customers.
  • Drive execution against plan, anticipating staffing needs, risks, and the need for frequent and clear communication internally and with customers.

The hardcore requirements are:

  • A pinch of Creativity.
  • 3-5 years Marketing experience.
  • Experience leading great people.
  • Passion about and the problem we are solving.
  • Voracious appetite for storytelling and connecting with customers on their turf.
  • Natural talent for mediating competing interests and finding creative solutions.
  • Able to work together with product, operations and sales teams to aim for more.

Nice to have

And it would be nice if you are charismatic, a compelling speaker and presenter, both on one-on-ones with customers, and in front of larger audiences, and if you have experience working with marketplaces. And last, but not the least, if you are willing to work in a location with more than 200 days of sunshine a year – good old Lisbon!


  • Access to restricted stock
  • Cool office near Marquês Pombal in sexy Lisbon
  • The best team you'll ever work in
  • Weekly all-company social events
  • Quarterly team-building events

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