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PHP Back-end Developer

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Created to change the world, Holaluz leads the way in the transformation of the Spanish Energy Sector with a clear investment in self-consumption and electric mobility. And with a not-negotiable goal: to put the customer at the centre of their decisions in order to build a long-term relationship based on trust.

We sell electricity that is from 100% renewable sources and offer savings with personalised products that, thanks to technology, can be tailored to the power needs of each customer. As a platform for energy exchange, we will make it possible for users who are producing more energy than they need to be able to feed it back into our system, allowing other users to “reserve the energy”.

We are a team of people which the main goal is to change the world. Ambition and enthusiasm are fundamental when it comes to having the positive attitude that lets us change our surroundings. At Holaluz we don’t only sell energy. Our main challenge is to create a system that allows a new standard of living for people, by supporting the rational use of energy, storage and self-production.

Right now, we are looking for people to help us improving our PHP stack. Two years ago we started to grow as a team, and as a result, we have gone from having the stack in Zend and Lavarel to mainly Symfony, PHP7.2 and even to dare to put some things in Go.

We are killing legacy code as fast as we can. But we need the team to grow even more in order to have our back-end as stable and powerful as possible and make another quality leap. We know how to do it but we need some help!

What we have?

  • Our systems are stable. We do 15 daily deployments with no fear because everything is automated with Jenkins
  • We have legacy code in Zend, our deadly enemy. We are migrating to an API system with PHP7 and Symfony + Vue.js
  • We use Docker for our development environment
  • We do not have specific systems team. We work with AWS and all our infrastructure is in code with version control. We will help you to have the infrastructure resources that your team needs at all times

Main requirements

  • Experience in modern frameworks such as Symfony or Laravel
  • Experience in SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Experience in modern development methodologies (testing, pair programming, extreme programming)
  • You know how to work in a team and you like challenges
  • You have an analytical, creative, imaginative capacity and you are capable of rethinking what has been thought to improve what we already have
  • You are always willing to learn and you have infinite curiosity
  • You have the ability to listen to others and you like to share your knowledge

Nice to have

  • Experience with Git
  • Knowledge of web services APIs, mainly REST
  • Experience with compiled languages such as Java or Go
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases (Redis, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB)
  • Experience with queue systems (SQS, RabbitMQ)
  • Experience with server configuration with Ansible
  • Knowledge of automation of AWS with Packer and Terraform
  • Experience with aggregation of logs in ELK
  • Interest in DevOps culture where development and systems work hand in hand to improve the stack
  • Interest in clean code, hexagonal architecture, DDD


  • Join a company with a nice work environment and solid values and culture
  • Opportunity to work in a B Corp Certification; a seal whose objective is to give visibility to companies who innovate to maximise their positive impact on their employees, in the communities and on the environment
  • Flexible working hours as a result of our objective-oriented and autonomy philosophy
  • English and Catalan lessons in the office
  • Continuous learning through training, courses, conferences, etc.
  • Nursery and an in-house summer camp so that we can have a better work-life balance
  • Subscription-based gym with a reduced price, including yoga and crossfit classes in the office. Mens sana in corpore sano!
  • Eco fruits and snacks every day
  • Reduced price in a private health insurance
  • Professional development without limits in a passionate team that really want to change the world
  • Your feedback will be always valued!

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