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Senior Software Engineer - Scala

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You want to be part of an agile, cross-functional team focused on designing & implementing scalable and highly-reliable solutions?

Our current backend services are mostly Scala-based. They are supported by a range of modern technologies, including Redis for caching, RabbitMQ for messaging, MongoDB and PostgreSQL for persistence, etc. This tech stack, of course, is not carved in stone; we are open to any suggestion that might help us improve our daily work.

If you are an expert in these technologies, a veteran dedicated to producing top quality software and find our adventure interesting - then we have a place for you!

  • You feel more than comfortable with functional programming, and have gone (or, at least have a desire to go) beyond using just monads
  • You have practical experience in developing RESTful services using Akka Http, Play and/or http4s
  • You have worked on projects that utilize streaming I/O libraries, such as Akka Streams, scalaz-streams or fs2
  • Deep knowledge of Scala-based testing frameworks, such as ScalaTest and ScalaCheck, is mandatory
  • You are at least interested in more advanced Scala libraries, such as scalaz, cats, shapeless, etc.

Main requirements

  • You have passion for microservice-based architectures and API-first development approach
  • You are capable of making architectural decisions that will result in scalable, reliable, and performant systems
  • You have a solid understanding of clean coding principles, functional and enterprise design patterns, and test-driven development
  • You don't run away from documenting services under your supervision
  • You are a team player and you're able to give as well as receive feedback

Nice to have

  • Experience with, or interest in, modern software development approaches, such as reactive programming, CQRS, DDD, etc.
  • Experience in developing applications for cloud platforms, namely AWS
  • Experience in working with containers, service meshes, API gateways, service directories and similar technologies that make working with microservices a bit less painful
  • Practical experience with build automation, continuous delivery, scripting, etc.


  • Open company structure with flat hierarchies

  • An international team coming from all over the world

  • Being part of the most exciting projects of the sharing economy

  • Opportunity to grow your own ideas

  • Bright loft office in the heart of Berlin

  • Competitive salary matching your experience and skills

  • A buddy system that helps you settle in

  • Unlimited free carsharing!

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