iOS Developer - Autonomous Driving (m/f/d)

We are the leading e-hailing app in Europe. Our vision is to create everyday magic in city movement.

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The future of mobility is shared and autonomous. FREE NOW is building up a new autonomous services team that is solving key problems related to urban transportation. What we are creating today will result in a journey that will take our customers wherever they need to go.

Of course, to build great software we need great developers, that’s why we are looking for an iOS Developer (m/f/d).

FREE NOW is becoming a global player in the ride-hailing industry, do you want be part of this transformation and contribute to the establishment of FREE NOW's role in the future of autonomous vehicle platforms? Do you want to solve problems and make an impact on the lives of thousands of people? Then join us!

We work in small multifunctional and diverse teams where you'll find people from all around the world. Together with you we will build outstanding autonomous mobility solutions for the ride-hailing industry.

The team you are joining will focus on building mobile applications for the autonomous user journey. You solve problems how to interact with the car, have a seamless in-trip experience, enable pooling functionality, build advanced routing capabilities and tons of other exciting features for the upcoming challenges of self-driving cars. { team in

 return team.writeCleanCode()

   .use(.swift, .rxSwift, .mvvm)

   .addQA(asSameTeam: true)





Main requirements

 .filter { $0.hasComputerScienceDegreeOrSimilar() }

 .filter { $0.knowledge.contains(.objectiveC) }

 .filter { $0.knowledge.contains(.swift) }

 .filter { $0.experience.years >= 4 }

 .subscribe(onNext: {  application in

     self.experiences.forEach { experience in

         switch experience

         case .buildSdks:


         case .modularAppProject:


         case .testing:


         case .dependencyInjection:





What can we offer you?

let benefits: FREE.NOW.Benefits = {











Oh, and the opportunity to work with the best team in the world (we know, everybody says so, but at FREE NOW it’s true)!


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