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door2door is a leading mobility software company based in Berlin. Our software platform enables public transport companies and local authorities to optimise their public transport network with data-driven on-demand transport solutions. We envision a car-free city – and we strongly believe it's time to go beyond static routes, stagnant schedules and inefficient transport systems. As the world becomes more urban, it’s increasingly vital to fight traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and connect people traveling along the same route.

Through our mobility platform, public transport companies are able to analyse their current transit network, implement flexible, demand responsive transport solutions where it’s needed and connect all transportation modes with our user-centric app.

Being an Engineering Lead at door2door means you’ll make sure that your team’s engagement, happiness, growth, and productivity are high. You’ll be the ambassador of our culture and values. You can expect to code 30 - 50% of your time and work closely with Tech Leads on the technical aspects of our products.

Your team will be expecting you to support them in their growth, by setting high-performance standards and serving as a mentor. You'll also work to bring the team closer to the company goals and vision while creating a collaborative and fun environment.

We'll need you to:

  • Lead the team to deliver projects and to turn clear technical visions into reality
  • Dedicate 30 - 50% of your time to hands-on coding
  • Participate in strategies to promote employee engagement and adherence to company’s vision and mission
  • Drive and conduct Performance and Compensation Reviews, that are fair and aligned with company’s processes and policies
  • Create a working environment that allows creativity, collaboration and freedom of opinions.

Main requirements

You need to have:

  • 6+ years as a Full Stack Developer, working with Ruby and JavaScript, and at least one years of experience leading Engineering teams
  • Experience working with true Agile teams and fast-paced environments
  • Strong communication and relationship building skills and a problem-solving attitude.


  • We value those who love a challenge, love to raise the bar in their area of expertise and would love to make a real difference in the world of Urban Mobility. We're an exciting and diverse team from more than 20 nations and have offices in Berlin & Porto Alegre (Brazil). On top of that, we offer...

    • A rewarding stock option plan connecting you directly to the success of the company
    • An education budget and support for time being spent on your self-development
    • Pick the tools you feel comfortable with. From hardware to software, to your work environment, we've literally got your back
    • Possibilities to brush up your language skills! German classes are available as well as a bunch of multi-lingual team-mates
    • We will support your move to Berlin and have your back in terms of settling down in a new city.

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