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Blockchain Developer

Critical TechWorks
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Job details

  • Full-time
  • map markerPorto, PT
  • cardRequires Work Permit
    Requires that you're a citizen or have a valid work permit / visa sponsorship to work in the country in which this position is based.
  • routeIntermediate
  • routePortuguese
    Preferred spoken language

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Fusing technology and talent, we’re developing the next generation of software systems for the BMW Group’s future driving machines. Fuelled by the principles of agile software development, we’ll use our freedom to think, disrupt and transform the way things are done.

We’re clear about where we’re heading. We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about cars: from autonomous driving to electrification, from car sharing services to connectivity. Get ready for a journey like no other.

Superstar developers need superstar projects.

You will:

  • Design and develop the best software for smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrencies.
  • Master solutions and POCs for real-life problems.
  • Act as mentor for other members of the development team, growing the collective knowledge and expertise of the group.

Main requirements

  • A solid background in software engineering with more than 3 years’ experience of developing software applications

  • Expertise in coding efficient, object-oriented and modularised software

  • A good knowledge of cryptography

  • Sound knowledge of developing in blockchain using Hyperledger (fabric, composer) and/or Ethereum (solidity)

  • Experience with smart contracts and blockchain wallets as well as with P2SH, P2WPKH, P2WSH

  • A solid grounding in at least one modern coding language, such as Javascript, Python, Go, node.js, C++ and a good understanding of Javascript fundamentals

Nice to have

  • Great people skills that foster a supportive environment, constructive feedback and ideas sharing

  • Excellent oral communication and written skills – including the ability to speak and write in English

  • Experience of agile methodologies, particularly Scrum

  • A real passion for learning, doing things better and helping others – and an ability to turn ideas into realities

  • Availability to travel abroad for short periods of time, as required

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