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Are you looking for a place where you can make a massive impact? Our web team is looking for a Backend Developer (Node.js & AWS) that can help them to automate the team’s work with multiple DevOps tools. 

Your mission should you choose to accept it...

Is to start thinking of developing deployment pipelines in GitLab, configuring continuous integration builds with Dockers, or even developing an infrastructure for a new service with Serverless. Most of the automation scripts are expected to be written with Node.js, Serverless, CloudFormation, and Bash.

A day as an AWS Node developer could look like.. 

You step off your bike and walk into the office. Before having a quick chat with your team you decide to grab a cup of coffee (or tea if that is more your thing). After talking to several colleagues about your nocturnal activities you decide to see how your team is doing.

During the conversation, you realize that your team-mate is struggling because his (cloud)development environment is not spinning up. So, you look together with him about what is happening in GitlabCI. You quickly realize that the problem is caused by his last commit to branch - and you help him to roll-back the proper code lines.


Then it’s already 11-30 and it’s a time to meet the team for a stand-up. It’s a nice time to catch up with the current progress of things. A stand-up is smoothly transformed into lunch at noon.


After lunch, you may be working on planned things - for example, to improve the backup system for a CMS. Backups, in this case, are made with a special Node script, which is connected to CMS via APIs, so it sounds like a bit of coding :)


Time to get yourself a fresh beverage and socialize with your other colleagues. This can be done by grabbing a ping pong batt and challenge the current champion. You can also decide to sit on the couch and play a game of Fifa with that guy from marketing that always thinks he can beat anyone (but you know better). Don't feel like doing any of that? You can always go for a short walk alongside the river to clear your head.


You got a brilliant idea, to notify New Relic with release times so that it would be easier to track in New Relic if performance is decreased after some release. So, you quickly discussed the idea within a team and decided to take an hour to write down this idea properly, to be able to pick it up next sprint.

Main requirements

We are looking for someone that...

  • Has 5+ years in web development (for example PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, Java)
  • Has 2+ years Node.js experience
  • Has strong knowledge of AWS managed services such as CDNs, IaS, CI/CD tools.
  • A good understanding of how to achieve security, reliability, and performance in web.
  • Experience with Serverless framework

Nice to have

It's nice if you..

  • Understand how modern front-end frameworks work, as of Nuxt, Next, Express
  • Have experience with GitLab CI, GitLab review apps and Grafana
  • Desire to write automation tests for your own code


We will offer you...

  • 30 days vacation to enjoy
  • The best relocation package in Amsterdam!
  • Budget & time for your personal growth plan, conferences and events!
  • Flexible working hours (+ remote work)
  • The latest Macbook Pro + noise cancelling headset
  • Good compensation and contribution to pension scheme
  • Refactor your body with our weekly Bootcamps & Yoga
  • Free lunch & snacks (vegetarian & vegan options included)
  • A multicultural environment  with 100 colleagues and  over24 different nationalities and growing
  • Award winning brands

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