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Node.js & PHP Developer

We build with, advise on, and train in API’s, back-end and front-end for web, mobile and native apps

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Cloudoki is all about API-Centric Application Architecture and Development. We build with, advise on, and train in API’s, back-end and front-end for web, mobile and native applications, helping startups, scale-ups, SME's and the big boys. We only work with the new toys. If it's new and interesting, we're probably either playing with it, or planning to. If you are a developer looking for a challenge, a start-up environment, half-day off per week to hack, and free coffee, drop us a line.

If ...

You share our values:

  • Technical Excellence: build solid stuff that gives our customers an orgasm
  • Ownership: take responsibility and feel empowered to deliver
  • Solution Oriented Thinking: be pragmatic and efficient
  • Teamwork: Sharing, help, learn, contribute, and thy shall be given too
  • Respect: Respect yourself, your colleagues, our company and clients.

You’re someone who’s smart, organized, motivated and gets things done.

You’d love to work in a startup environment with other start-ups, scale-ups or innovative (web)app projects for startups, scale-ups, SME’s or enterprise clients.

You have ideas about everything, and you’re not afraid to defend your point (while respecting everyone else’s, of course).

You will inspire and learn from your colleagues.

You hardly ever stress out, and love to shoot Nerf guns.

... this is the company for you!

Main requirements

  • Your back-end skills include both Node.js and PHP
  • You’ve previously worked with popular frameworks and technologies such as Express or Hapi in Node.js, and frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Slim in PHP
  • You understand code structure and standards are important, but likewise have a good sense of when to be pragmatic
  • You are a self-organised and independent worker
  • You’re a great team player, but likewise, can see things through individually as well
  • You understand software on higher levels and can proactively contribute towards overall system and application architectures
  • You have a solid understanding of web technologies (HTTP, HTTP/2, WS,..) and API development (JSON, OAuth, JWT,...)
  • Surrounding technologies such as databases (relational and document), Message queues, etc. are no stranger to you
  • You have a solid understanding of common software engineering practices (git, unit testing, code documentation, continuous integration, dependency management, monitoring, ...)
  • Ability to handle the pressure and flexibility of a young company
  • Fluent in English

Nice to have

  • Experience as DevOps
  • Experience with Internet Security; Mobile apps; iOT/AR/VR; Virtual Reality
  • Fluency in Dutch or French


  • You get a great seat at our offices in Bairro Alto, in the beating heart of sunny Lisbon
  • You get A-grade working equipment
  • You’ll get a very nice salary and a monthly 250 EUR allowance (travel, education, sports) on top of that
  • You’ll have Hack Fridays in which we play, hack, learn and work even harder than the rest of the week. You might also find yourself with a cold beer in hand after work at times
  • Friday lunches with the whole team on various locations in Lisbon
  • A never-ending stream of coffee, fresh fruits, and the occasional snacks and bites
  • After work incentives mostly include bars, beers, meetups and (startup) events

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