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Bubble Student uses emerging technologies to create a unique solution to problems faced in the student accommodation market. Our app uses machine learning and social media integration to match students with their ideal university house. For our landlords/agents we provide in-depth insights using the behavioural data harvested from our platform. As part of one of Google's start-up tracks we work closely with them to ensure we are continuously innovating in a prehistoric market.

As a Software Engineer at Bubble, you will get to work across our wide range of systems. Whilst the main responsibility will be creating and maintaining our REST APIs, you will get the chance to dabble in all areas of our product, from data pipelines to command line tools.

We love to test out new products, tech, tools, and ideas here at Bubble, so we encourage our engineers to bring forward any suggestions they might have about what we could use to build something, or how we could do something different to make everyones' experience at Bubble better, and hopefully make a better experience for our users too.

At Bubble, you will be responsible for everything the user doesn't see. You will work with Go for our APIs, Java for our data pipeline, Python for our Machine learning and CLI tools, and maybe a few other languages we've got hidden around the place. Don't worry if you aren't comfortable with all the languages we use when you start, we will help you learn them.

Main requirements

  • 6+ years of experience
  • Fluency in a programming language such as Go/Python/PHP/Java/C
  • Experience writing RESTful APIs
  • A solid grasp on writing SQL and working with a MySQL Database
  • An understating of micro-services based architectures
  • Unit testing and integration testing to ensure software reliability

Nice to have

  • Experience working with Go
  • Production usage of GCP



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