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Bubble Student uses emerging technologies to create a unique solution to problems faced in the student accommodation market. Our app uses machine learning and social media integration to match students with their ideal university house. For our landlords/agents we provide in-depth insights using the behavioural data harvested from our platform. As part of one of Google's start-up tracks we work closely with them to ensure we are continuously innovating in a prehistoric market.

As a Data Scientist at Bubble, you will help us take the large amounts of analytical data we acquire from our app and process it into useful insights that both we and our agents can use to make their lives and student's lives easier.

You'll be responsible for improving our Google Cloud based data platform including our use of Cloud PubSub, Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, and Cloud Machine Learning. This involves ensuring the correct data is sent to our platforms, formatting it to the most useful forms, and helping to design machine learning models to enable automatic predictions and understanding of the data.

Main requirements

  • Previous experience working with Big Data (2/3 years at least)
  • Experience using a data warehousing tool such as BigQuery
  • Solid proficiency in a programming language such as Python, Java or Go

Nice to have

  • Worked with Cloud Dataflow
  • Production usage of GCP
  • Built machine learning models with tensorflow


  • Employee Liquidity pool

  • Profit Sharing

    Refer to the Bubble handbook for more information on what these entail!

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