Heads up: this job position has expired. If you were already in process, no worries; it will still proceed as normal.

Lead Engineer

Developing innovative blockchain solutions and bringing about the next level of digitization

Job details

  • Full-time
  • map markerWarsaw, PL
  • cardRequires Work Permit
    Requires that you're a citizen or have a valid work permit / visa sponsorship to work in the country in which this position is based.
  • routeSenior
  • routeEnglish
    Preferred spoken language

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If you’re passionate about solving real-life problems with blockchain, enthusiastic about digging deep into code and excited about building your own team, we should talk.

The past eighteen months have been one hell of a ride. We went from ten to a team of thirty and are thrilled to push ahead with our international expansion. That’s where you come in!

We're looking for a new Lead Engineer for our soon to be opened office in Barcelona. Initially, you will drive the hiring of the team, input on the best office set up and ensure our culture lives in Barcelona (how does two months in Switzerland for full immersion sound?). Once everything is set up, we want you to be our main feet on the ground in Spain to help us build some of the most exciting blockchain applications with your team.

At BlockFactory we’re all about the people. We are super proud of our culture and cultural fit is one of the most important factors when hiring. We find office politics boring and cherish our corporate values - think honesty, collaboration, transparency and positive aggressivity.

Main requirements

  • You know what it takes to build a team and bring previous team lead experience
  • You have 8+ years experience with one or more programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript and/or Go.
  • You have a strong understanding of systems administration and microservice architecture/design
  • You’re a real problem solver and don’t mind getting your hands dirty
  • You have an EU (or other permit that allows you to visit us in Zurich)

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