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JavaScript Developer

Client and suppliers together in the cloud

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Billin is a well funded 4-year-old startup, invested by Kibo Ventures and Kfund.

We offer a free cloud solution, that allows users to safely create, send, receive, store and collect invoices, all wrapped by an attractive UX.

We are growing a lot and that is why we are looking to expand our team.

What would you do?

We need your help as part of our team. As an experienced developer, we are looking forward to your help to improve our company. Our team is well tuned and we are looking to broaden our capacities with each new addition.

Cutting to the chase, in the next months we have many different challenges lined up:

  • Monetization
  • MGM
  • Create new microservices
  • Kubernetes integration
  • Refactoring our microservices with something like Amazon SQS
  • Support our Big Data team
  • Add unit, functional and integration test on Katalon Studio
  • ... Whatever pops up

We are looking for someone that matches with our team and helps us meet those challenges.

This is our stack:

Front and mobile
  • React
  • Recompose
  • Redux
  • Sagas
  • Styled components
  • GraphQL
  • Ramda*
  • React Native

  • Pentaho

  • Testing with jest

  • Microservices en NodeJS

  • ExpressJS

  • GraphQL

  • Mongoose

  • Sequelize

  • Testing with jest

    Infrastructure / Database
  • Github (we are considering a change to Gitlab or Bitbucket due to integration reasons with CI o JIRA)

  • Amazon Web services

  • CircleCI

  • Redis

  • MongoDB with Mongo Atlas

  • Postgres with Amazon RDS

  • Postgres with Aurora RDS

    In the future:
  • Kubernetes con Amazon EKS

  • Gitlab deployments / Bitbucket + Atlassian

  • Some crazy tool for the Data Scientists

  • Whatever comes to mind as decided by the team

Main requirements

  • 3 or more years of JavaScript experience
  • Experience working with NodeJS or React
  • We would like someone with Full-stack experience, although we are aware it can be challenging
  • Team player, it is very important for us to keep our team's spirit
  • We are a heterogeneous team with different experiences and ages (25-45) the person should be able to enhance us


  • Non-judgmental, non-blaming team
  • Autonomous teams: nobody tells us how to work, we choose and are held responsible
  • Cool offices in Madrid city center
  • Salary above market. We prefer to pay a bit above, so you do not end up leaving for a bit more money
  • Learning opportunities. We like when you can work with technologies that you enjoy using, we are open, as long as it makes sense for the company
  • Egghead accounts and other included. We are doing ok training wise, but we are working to make it better. Open to suggestions :)
  • Team activities

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