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Mid-level Full-stack JavaScript Developer

Bannerwise will be the next big thing in advertising tech

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Bannerwise is an online platform where agencies and advertisers can create, manage and publish professional HTML5 banners. The platform is live for little under 2 years now and has grown to 300+ clients and around 9.000 registers users all over the world.

By scaling up the development team Bannerwise wants to conquer the silicon valley scene and play with the big league. This means that technology must be top notch and that is what we are looking for in a candidate. Ambitious, adventures, professional, trustworthy and social smart.

  • You’ll be working with the latest technologies and have a playground to include your vision of technology.
  • Next to keeping the systems up and running, building new features, enabling clients to scale up their banner production and giving them the best user experience possible.
  • Bannerwise is looking to be the next new thing in display advertising technology, analysing big data and automatically optimizing the banners on the fly.
  • This means that algorithms will match the best possible design for the correct persona and deliver banner in a split second.
  • All this information will be reported to the client and made manageable in the platform. With this technology we will be disruptive in the display advertising world and work alongside/with giants like Google Adwords, Google DoubleClick and Microsoft Bing advertising platforms.


We are looking for the key players in our development team. Since we are building the team from the ground up you will be part of the core and there will be plenty of oppertunies in the future as the startup grows.

Main requirements

  • English professionally speaking.
  • Full Stack JavaScript (node.js, angularjs, vuejs)
  • Responsible personality and discipline.
  • Experience developing applications for the web.
  • Experience with software engineering and application architecture.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases


  • Center of Lisbon, IDEIAhub Palacio
  • Start-up vibe, no 9 to 5 mindset.
  • Working on innovation
  • Unlimited red bull

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