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Senior Full-stack Developer

Landing.Partner DE
To ensure that our costumers have acces to the highest quality digital tools, suited to their needs.

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Our wolfpack has one clear mission: To ensure that our costumers have acces to the highest quality digital tools, suited to their needs.

We guide our customers through the maze of crafting digital products and services from ideation to execution.

By combining smart ways of working, human-centered design and high-quality code, we build future-proof services together with our customers.

By challenging ourselves and the current thinking, we aim to make the world work better and easier applying the latest technologies and smarter ways of working.

Role description & responsibilities

  • You work in close collaboration with our pack of colleagues and customers to build new systems and push existing ones to new levels.
  • While working with the customers, for you it is not only about writing top quality code, but also about continuously improving the development process and the way of working the smart way.
  • You enjoy the freedom in your work, e.g. selecting the technologies and methods you use, pushing the team to work even smarter, and guiding your career based on your interests.

Main requirements

  • We expect you to have a proven track-record of at least 5 years spent delivering top-notch software

  • To be successful in that, you know your way with modern technologies and methods, keeping up-to-date is natural to you.

  • You are proficient in at least one of our favorite languages/libraries:

    JS (nodeJS), Clojure, Elixir or Ruby

  • It doesn’t matter where and how you have gained your skills and experience, but that you are hungry to apply them and even more hungry to keep learning more.

  • You have your own strongest suit (let it be React or Clojure, or anything else like AI, Scrum Mastering, Rust, Fortran?), combined with solid foundation of skills throughout the stack.

Nice to have

  • You are based in Berlin
  • You have extensive experience in Software Architecture and it’s best practices


  • A great community of developers, all keen to not only work with you, but also get to know you as a person and help you develop professionally as well as personally
  • A cool Berlin office with all the “necessities”, a playstation, a brand new macbook and more
  • Full support during your visa process, registration in Germany, etc.

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