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1aim designs and builds cutting edge access and networking technology.

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Nowadays, it is possible to do almost everything and anything with our mobile phone; And yet we still have to carry our house keys around with us. So why not make it possible to open your door with your phone?

1aim does exactly that! We manufacture state-of-the-art access systems for doors and therefore change the everyday life of many people. Not only are we convinced of this - we have already won one of the world's largest door manufacturers as a partner, so that nothing stands in our way.

Well, almost nothing. We need your support and are actively searching for colleagues who, like us, are trying to change the future of access.

Software is a crucial part of our LightLock systems. A high-quality front-end is essential to fulfill our promise of simple access rights administration.

We are looking for a talented Front-end Developer with a passion for clean code and great products. You will create, manage, and improve our various interfaces on current and future products. By interacting with other team members, you will incorporate their thoughts into your work and vice versa.

Btw, life is too short to learn German, so you don’t have to speak German to work with us.

Main requirements

  • At least 3 years of experience developing rich applications with HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Knowledge about UI/UX design, although you will work together with graphic designers
  • Practical experience in the development of Web Applications and experience with React and Redux is ideal
  • Knowledge of best practices, APIs and libraries
  • Aware of but not reliant on Frameworks; practical knowledge of vanilla Javascript is a must
  • Passion for product development in general
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules


We offer you interdisciplinary work through collaboration with all sorts of hardware and software development. At 1aim we have almost no rules, we provide you with opportunities for your personal growth and flexible working hours. You will work in a fast moving, young team.

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